Team Rwanda UK

TEAM RWANDA UK is a social football program which runs  football youth development program as well as sessions for men and women in the Rwandan community in London.
 The Team Rwanda UK programme provides an easy, informal opportunity for children, young people and adults to play football in an enjoyable environment.  For example, adults can choose how and when they want to play just by turning up because the approach is designed for all aspiring footballers, regardless of experience, ability or fitness.  It helps novices, part-time or lapsed players to gain experience and practice, rediscover their touch, develop fitness and enjoy playing in a non-competitive environment.

Sessions are informal and fun but those looking for a route back into affiliated football are also considered, as the programme also seeks to spot and nurture young Rwandans living in the UK with exceptional football talents and help them to progress along the player path and potentially engage with the Rwandan national team.

In the process Team Rwanda UK places great emphasis on educating participants about the importance of unity and reconciliation in the cause of Rwandan national unity and on promoting the values of fair play, team spirit, discipline, understanding, tolerance and respect.

To join, contact: