The Partners

  •  Kyri Evangelou is a London based filmmaker and editor working within both the independent and corporate sectors of the industry. With a keen interest in current affairs and documentary his work in film adopts a very personal stance, largely focusing on culture and history over political ideology.

  • Laura Authier is a creative development producer specialising in multiprogramming and business development.


  • Gerardo Chapa is a producer, director and writer who have worked on a number of documentaries including “Calabash” The Road to the World Cup film documentary.
  • Genocide80Twenty: A group from Hampton School who passionately believe in trying to spread the message about the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur amongst the young people of Britain. We will be partnering up not only tell Eric’s inspirational story but to teach the youth of today about the importance of Rwanda’s past, present and future.