Soccer My Saviour

A story about one man’s mission to foster ties between Rwandans across the world through soccer.

Inspired by the story of former Rwandan soccer player and the resilience of a nation, we follow Eric Murangwa’s incredible journey, using his role in soccer to promote peace to future generations affected by conflict.

“For many years afterwards, I kept asking ‘why me?’ And, recently I came to realise that those who survived had all survived for a purpose, which is to make sure our loved ones weren’t lost in vain. The only way we can do that is to make sure that what happened to them, and to us, never happens to our children.” – Eric Murangwa

Eric Eugene Murangwa was the goalkeeper for Rayon Sports, one of Rwanda’s biggest soccer teams. Weeks before the genocide, his team had been playing in CAF – the Confederation of African Football cup – and had eliminated El Hilal [football club] from Sudan, one of Africa’s soccer giants.

“For just a few hours you could see people sharing a smile, sharing a laugh… You could see Hutus and Tutsi hugging each other on the street. For a very short time we forgot what was happening in our country.” – Eric Murangwa


This game became very crucial in shaping Eric’s future.

By helping us capture this inspiring story, we hope to promote sport as a tool for building long-lasting peace.

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Kyri Evangelou
Laura Authier
Football for Hope, Peace and Unity

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We’ll travel to Rwanda with Eric, following him as he shares his story of survival.  Working with local crew, we’ll encounter people from his past, sharing their untold stories.  These are the stories that have shaped Rwanda to the country it is today.  Our team will have the opportunity to work with young Rwandans, teaching them the importance of a peaceful future.  Your donations will not only support the production, but the charitable organisations who have made this film possible.

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About FHPU:

Football for Hope, Peace & Unity (FHPU) was born out of Eric Murangwa’s initiative and vision. In Rwanda itself, FHPU Enterprise works closely with the Association des Anciens Footballeurs du Rwanda/Association of Former Rwandan Football Players (A.A.F.R.) and as a result of the partnership in 2011 Dream Team Football Academy was set up with an aim to provide a safe after-school environment for hundreds of children who participate in a football skills program that teaches them how to become Champions in football and Champions in Life.
About Genocide80Twenty:
A group from Hampton School who passionately believe in trying to spread the message about the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur amongst the young people of Britain.



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  • Moses Kgnd September 22, 2015 at 8:50 am

    What a testimony, thanks for the advocacy, speak aloud and wide because you are an inspirer.
    You went through it, you speak from experience so you are an authority and aunthetic


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