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AGAHOZO-Shalom Youth Village Program Coordinator Jean-Claude Parisien speaks about his experiences at PFH Rwanda20 Football Training Attended In The Week Of Monday July, 28th – Friday August 01st 2014. The training took place at Kicukiro at the courant football field of Dream team football academy and about 45 coaches including 3 females attended this training. During these 4 days training we were trained by a team of 4 trainers from the association of coaches across continents led by Eric Murangwa Eugene, the former Rayon sport and Amavubi goal keeper and captain and founder of Football for Hope Peace and Unity (FHPU Enterprise). The main goal for the training was to deliver the new approach of coaching based on making football a tool to develop a social impact of youth. Through this week we understood different approaches though which football can solve some of the challenges in our communities such as:

  • Educational skills for conflict resolution, including social inclusion through football
  • Educational skills for female empowerment, including gender equity through football
  • Educational skills for health and wellness, including HIV behaviour change; and other life skills through football
  • Coaching Material (Hard Copies/DVDs)

The training was offered as an intensive theory, practice, discussions and creativities all for 4 hours a day on a dusty field and sharp sun. Every trainee was very motivated to learn new skills and new methodology of teaching youth and every day had a different specific topic. Sometimes we had to add an extra hour to the regular time because of constructive discussions and motivating topics! At the end of the training we received a certificate level 3 and the full training will last 3 years. The beneficiaries will get a certificate level 1 that can enable the holder to train even other coaches. Before getting this certificate each coach had to sign an agreement that they will: -Make the football an environment of peace, hope and freedom -Make the football a tool for social change This training was also a great opportunity to create network between coaches of different football academies in the country.

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