About Us

Football for Hope, Peace & Unity (F.H.P.U) was born out of Eric Murangwa Eugene’s initiative and vision. As a Rwandan and a former football player, he has come to realise that the “Beautiful Game” could actually be useful as a tool to build a long-lasting peace among his people.

The Idea:

As one of the key figures in setting out to establish what has now become F.H.P.U and especially as a result of his personal experience, Eric Murangwa Eugene saw that there was an opportunity to use football to serve the Rwandan community and in particular the process of reconciliation both here in the UK and in Rwanda itself.

He together with a number of fellow Rwandans and also some non-Rwandans, saw that sport in general and football in particular could be a very positive force for social change and reconciliation in the Rwandan community following the 1994 genocide not least because he owed his survival and that of his family to the protection he received from fellow members of the Rayon Sports Team of which he was a member.

It is therefore not an overstatement to say that the example of courage and humanity shown by the members of the Rayon Sports Team was a very powerful lesson in the “power of sport” and in short is the inspiration behind FHPU.